Another Planet’s Calendar

The Laydrans kept such accurate account of time and astronomy that the Tulehrans adopted their calendar and thereby passed it on to other cultures until it became the dominant calendar in the Tykolm. What follows is a summary of its features.


Ancient Calendar photo credit: Kristofer Williams via photopin cc

The Year

One year = 4 seasons = 12 zodiac signs = 36 divisions = 440 days

The Laydran priests reckoned the year from southern spring equinox to following southern spring equinox.

  • Ithmox: year
  • Ith: day
  • Thayx: equinox
  • Zaurix: solstice
  • Ithmark: an eve, the day before an equinox or solstice


The Seasons

One season = 3 zodiac signs = 9 divisions = 110 days

Seasons are divided into nine divisions.

The equinox or solstice and the next eve are not within any division, giving two feast days per season and eight feast days per year.

Viteer: season


The Zodiac

One zodiac sign = 3 divisions = 36 days

The passage of three signs of the zodiac demarcate a season. As the three moons marked their own individual phases, the Laydrans used the zodiac as a more regular division of the year into twelve months each called a jayg. A jayg is named for the zodiac sign that appeared on the meridian at midnight.

  • Jigolz: zodiac sign
  • Jigz: the zodiac
  • Jayg: a month, twelfth portion or month of a year corresponding to a sign of the zodiac


The Divisions

One division = 12 days

Chivoor: a division of 12 days


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