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halloween movies

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When time gets near Halloween, I want to see some appropriate Halloween-flavored movies, but no horror.  I don’t like that.  Light entertainment, not dismemberments. 

You might ask what do Halloween movies have to do with fantasy.  And I would say, “Halloween is fantasy.”

So here follows three movies that might be suitable for your family.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Well, of course.  I gotta see if this year Linus will actually see the Great Pumpkin.  He’s sincere.  And I think Charlie Brown should get something other than rocks in his trick-or-treat basket.  I mean, who would give any child a rock?  It’s scandalous.

halloween movies

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I like the part as Snoopy makes his way across the lonely French countryside.  This scene grows more enjoyable as I get older.  I think it’s the lonely train whistle and the music.

But this year – this year, I say – Sally and Linus will at last be rewarded with a sighting.  As long as Linus doesn’t say, “if.”

Blackbeard’s Ghost

Dean Jones, Peter Ustinov, Suzanne Pleishette, Elsa Lancaster, Richard Deacon in an old Disney classic – what fun!

halloween movies

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A new track coach has come to the little college of Godolphin.  He bumps into Blackbeard’s ghost who helps him win the state track meet and save Blackbeard’s spinster descendants from eviction by a heartless casino owner.  That’s the plot in miniature.  Easy to follow.

The comedy’s in the delivery.  Not spooky at all, Ishmael, but loads of laughs.

The Ghost and Mr. Chicken

My oldest daughter would definitely say this is not a family film.  She was terrified by it.  It does have some suspense and one scary scene, but in all, it is hilarious.  This movie is no Carrie or Nightmare on Elm Street.

halloween movies

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Our hero is played by Don Knotts.  Now how horrifying can the movie be?  He spends the night in a haunted mansion equipped with an eerie pipe organ and its blood-stained keys.  (They never could clean off the blood “and they used Bon-Ami.”)  Does our hero trip upon a real ghost or maybe a cover-up of a past crime?  And will he get the girl?  You’ve got to watch to find out.

Whether you’re C of C or not, you’re okay.  “Attaboy, Luther.”

Watch these this season and have fun!  And tell me what you think.

halloween movies

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