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Semi-Curious Bits about the Author

Drew Ellenwood

Drew Ellenwood, Risk Taker

My mother at one time pronounced me a risk taker.

My wife and kids shook their heads and smiled in the knowing way that gives the idea of ‘whatever.’

My staff laughed themselves silly, and they still do to this day if the subject comes up.

What would drive someone to say that I, of all people, take risks?

An Author Profiled


•A father of four.

•A rural inhabitant with a suburban upbringing.

•A non-sportsman in a sportsman state.

•A person that refuses roller coasters that go upside-down.

•A man whose closest thing to a four-wheeler is a riding lawn mower.

•A dentist, for heaven’s sake!  (And here’s a link to that site:  drdrewandcrew.com)

This is the profile of a risk taker?  I think not.

A Diseased Mind?

And yet, the novel Curious Origins of a Restless World is a risk, a series of stories that my aforesaid mother would certainly proclaim, as she has Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings, “the product of a diseased mind.”

Curious Origins of a Restless World is a book about an imaginary world far removed from anything in my life.

Or is it?

The authoring authorities – whoever they might be – say one should write what they know.  If that was the case, we’d not have science fantasy at all.  But in a way they are correct.  I wrote what I knew.  I wrote characters from observing others or myself, people like the ones right here on this earth.  I merely added feathers.

I wrote with the view of stepping back to realize some truth about the reality we all live in.

You the Reader, Risk Taker

I hope you find yourself in the book or see a thing or two you hadn’t thought of before.

I hope you’re entertained.

Whichever it is, we – you and me – are probably both risk takers because once you start reading a book, it’s not about the author anymore.

It’s about you, the reader.

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