Meet the Cast: Curious Characters in Restless Roles

Ayro after “Unraveling Eternity”

“I am the last man in the world.

Curious Characters

Distant Volcano photo credit: Jeff_Werner via photopin cc

“My father is gone, gone somewhere I don’t know but certainly not here.

“My brother is…  I don’t want to think about him right now.

“I’m left only with my sister.

“We had a mother – disappeared along with her husband.  We had another sister, but she is most surely…  I don’t want to think about that either.

“There were six of us exploring this vast land and flying in this limitless sky.  Now it is only the two of us, dwelling for the time on the beach of an incomprehensible sea.  Behind us is our previous home, now a pile of burning rocks and smoking ash.  I don’t often look that direction.  Too much lost.

“It is my fault.

“I even caused the Mountain to spew and burn.  Because of a…  I don’t want to think on that for a long time.

“But there it is:  In my mind, clawing from inside my chest, that desire, that blame.

“Now what is left for me?”

Roohauma before “A Farther Heritage”

“I am the happiest woman under the sky!

Curious Characters

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“My family is about me, the layn is ripe for harvesting, the sky is clear, and Ommee is my husband.

“Who would have thought we would be in love and now wed?  The last few days have been unbelievably happy.  O the joy of having him, of touching him, of feeling his violet wings about me, of talking with him as the suns set and the stars pop into view.

“The tribes of the savannah are at peace.  It has been a long time since any patrols from Theer or Vohs have come to take our men and crops.  Ommee and I are even thinking about taking some of the harvest into Metross, the little trading village a few days flight from here.

“What a beautiful life we have.  What bad could possibly happen?”

Thoomo before “Death Wind” (Book 2)

“I don’t understand the gods.

Curious Characters

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“They want too much.

“I don’t know why a sacrifice is necessary to get them to act.  Can’t they rouse themselves without blood spilt?  Are they that sluggish or that cruel?

“But all the priests say it must be done.  And what must be done must be done.  For the good of all, for the glory of Plohb, for the lifting of this curse.

“This curse is a wicked thing from that spiteful God of the slaves.  They’re our slaves, I say.  If our gods want blood, let me give them their fill from our slaves.  Then those sickly, olive-colored wings of theirs will be forever lifeless.

“But it will not do.  It is a curse on the men of Plohb, and a man of Plohb must remove it.

“Still, I don’t understand why my son must be sacrificed, my only son?  I have daughters enough and wives enough and slaves enough.  Plohb has other sons enough.  But they say it must be my son, the prince’s boy, the little boy I barely have known.

“But then, why by my hand and with my knife?

“The gods are cruel.”

Mantvor before “Broken Harbors” (Book 3)

“I like the cool river just before dawn.

Curious Characters

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“The suns quiver just below the horizon and the stars continue to snap their lights about.  A mist rises from the river and settles on my feathers.  My skin quivers, too.

“Ishay is asleep.  I watch her breathe slow and restful.  When she wakes, I’ll make us a breakfast of river fish, and then we’ll be on our way.

“Today we float downriver toward the sea and toward home.  The last couple of days at Roodtrox have been profitable.  We have many wares to sell in Eltarood, wares bought with the salt-water fish that brought a good price.

“Today should be a relaxing day on the boat.  Surely such a morning holds only good and no evil.”