What Is The Restless World?

This section is for us diehard and awesome fantasy geeks who like depth to their fantasy and science fiction worlds.  Below are page links to four of the appendices at the back of Curious Origins of a Restless World and its two sequels.  Enjoy!

Another Planet’s Cradles

The Sax River and the Kaynmian Plain

The Kaynmian Plain is exceedingly fertile, even more so along the banks of its rivers, the longest and greatest being the Sax. Out upon this vast, near-indefensible plain, the Intozan tribes built a few scattered villages. Around these spots of society coalesced the first civilization, held fragilely within seven, little, squabbling cities:  Graxdon, Kaynmo, Kranklehbur, Mutraym, Vauzur, Vehrseen, and Veletsax. Over time increasing organization within these cities led to successes in agriculture and crafts, which in turn provoked the envy of the surrounding Intozan tribes, especially the Ultassites.


Plains River photo credit: subarcticmike via photopin cc

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Another Planet’s Astrology

Due to their religious beliefs, the Laydrans became excellent astronomers. They made careful observations and records of the heavens, the passage of the moons and the planets, the phases of the rings and the moons, and the position of the suns relative to each other and to the Tykolm. They believed that in using these observations they could predict future events, derive meaning in present situations, and discern an individual’s character, destiny, and hidden ancestry. They were a people that believed heavily in fate, much more so than the Kaynmians or Vayveeans. The people of Laydrehkolm worshipped three gods they saw as controlling time and trusted that this control manifested itself in the heavens thereby allowing men to read divine thoughts.

Restless World

Astronomy photo credit: Skiwalker79 via photopincc

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Another Planet’s Calendar

The Laydrans kept such accurate account of time and astronomy that the Tulehrans adopted their calendar and thereby passed it on to other cultures until it became the dominant calendar in the Tykolm. What follows is a summary of its features.

Restless World

Rainforest Moon photo credit: Roofwalker via photopincc

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Another Planet’s Ancient Wonders

12 Architectural Wonders
Restless World

Ancient Wall photo credit: dynamosquito via photopin cc

1. Central Observatory Tower of Mexpauna Vaulen – Laydrehkolm c-1380

The Tower was the tallest manmade structure of the Ancient Era. Built of granite from the Esseds, the cylindrical tower had a conical roof overlaid in gold-leaf.

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