Another Planet’s Astrology


Due to their religious beliefs, the Laydrans became excellent astronomers. They made careful observations and records of the heavens, the passage of the moons and the planets, the phases of the rings and the moons, and the position of the suns relative to each other and to the Tykolm. They believed that in using these observations they could predict future events, derive meaning in present situations, and discern an individual’s character, destiny, and hidden ancestry. They were a people that believed heavily in fate, much more so than the Kaynmians or Vayveeans. The people of Laydrehkolm worshipped three gods they saw as controlling time and trusted that this control manifested itself in the heavens thereby allowing men to read divine thoughts.


Astronomy photo credit: Skiwalker79 via photopincc

A moon represented each god. Ain was the god of the past, and the moon named for him is the moon that traverses the sky opposite the other moons. Kohf was the god of the present, and his moon is the largest. Resh was the god of the future, and his moon is the fastest of the three.

Ain, the past, controlled the rings; Kohf, the present, directed the suns; and Resh, the future, ruled the stars. Ain was concerned as to justice in light of past deeds.  Kohf could balance that justice with mercy by what he allowed into the present. Resh determined what was to come but only by consulting Ain and Kohf. Therefore, the Laydrans served Ain with good deeds, prayed to Kohf for mercy, and worshipped Resh in fear.

The astronomers were the priests, prophets, and many times the judges.  Numerous, elaborate observatory-temples, called mexpaunas, were built in the Keedo Valley and the Essed Mountains both north and south of the equator. The largest and most important of the mexpaunas were built between –1750 and –325. Three of the most impressive were Mexpauna Vaulen across the Keedo River from Vindalohn, Mexpauna Vaulohdid north of the equator on the shores of the Rix Sea, and Mexpauna Maulaugo, an ancient wonder built on and between several peaks of the Esseds encompassing a wide territory.

From their observatories, the priests charted the constellations of both hemispheres and named the eight planets that are visible to the naked eye from the Tykolm. The following, developed by Laydran priests, is the astrologic system that formed the basis of later astronomic science on the Tykolm. This system is divided into the Rulers, the Wanderers, the Southern Constellations, the Zodiac, and the Northern
Constellations. Also included is a list of significant stars as seen from the Tykolm.


The Rulers

  1. Thain, the larger
  2. Zaura, the smaller
  3. Ithaid: a singular sun
  4. Ithaia: the two suns taken together
  5. Ithaia Marn: the system of suns and planets taken together
  1. Ain, the smallest moon, revolves opposing the others, brownish-pink
  2. Kohf, the largest moon, silver-blue
  3. Resh, the fastest moon, cream-yellow
  4. Jaid: a singular moon
  5. Jait: the set of moons taken together

Moons photo credit: Lights In The Dark via photopin cc

  1. Hovvix, the inner ring
  2. Grivix, the middle ring
  3. Tayrix, the outer ring
  4. Jix: a singular ring
  5. Jux: the set of rings taken together

The Wanderers

Inner Planets from the Tykolm

1. Orkohl, the fastest
2. Kooroo
3. Kyree
4. Osp, the brightest


Planet Wanderer photo credit: Futurilla via photopin cc

Outer Planets from the Tykolm

5. Muuran
6. Vilgrex
7. Ohd, doubled with Tehrundohn
8. Tehrundohn, doubled with Ohd

Grex: the rulers, which are the suns, the moons, and the rings

Stoorn: planet, wanderer

The Southern Constellations


1. The King
2. The Obross
3. The Vessel
4. The Bee

Spring/Summer (Northern Autumn/Winter)

5. The Lady
6. The Gibbost
7. The Lamp
8. The Ant

Autumn/Winter (Northern Spring/Summer)

9. The Priest
10. The Gwidar
11. The Umdeet
12. The Dragonfly

The Zodiac

Southern Spring, Northern Autumn

1. The Warrior
2. The Mohbar
3. The Flower

Southern Summer, Northern Winter

4. The Fisherman
5. The Zoozaun
6. The Ring

Southern Autumn, Northern Spring

7. The Herder
8. The Propita
9. The Hammer

Southern Winter, Northern Summer

10. The Smith
11. The Koonar
12. The Chair


Constellations photo credit: David Kingham via photopin cc

The Northern Constellations


1. The Scribe
2. The Dolphin
3. The Roodyt Fruit
4. The Wasp

Autumn/Winter (Southern Spring/Summer)

5. The Farmer
6. The Eshehro
7. The Harp
8. The Beetle

Spring/Summer (Southern Autumn/Winter)

9. The Messenger
10. The Maux
11. The Stylus
12. The Cicada

  • Jigolz: zodiac sign
  • Jigz: the zodiac
  • Rix: star
  • Revohjox: constellation

Significant Stars


1. The Throne Star in The King
2. The Sword Star in The King
3. The Blood Star in The Obross
4. The Water Star in The Vessel
5. The Three Arc Stars in The Bee
6. The Child Star in The Lady
7. The Claw Star in The Gibbost
8. The Eight Fire Group Stars in The Lamp
9. The Sand Star in The Ant
10. The Two Brother Stars in The Priest
11. The Eye Star in The Gwidar
12. The Seeds Triplet in The Umdeet Fruit
13. The Jeweled Star in the Dragonfly


14. The Tip Star in The Warrior
15. The Tooth Star in The Mohbar
16. The Nectar Star in The Flower
17. The Fish Star in The Fisherman
18. The Cloudy Group in The Zoozaun
19. The Winking Star in The Zoozaun
20. The Lapis Star in The Ring
21. The Cloaked Star in The Herder
22. The Seven Weeping Stars in The Propita
23. The Shattered Star in The Hammer
24. The Smoke Star in The Smith
25. The Molten Star in The Smith
26. The Mark Group in The Koonar
27. The Four Trailing Stars in The Chair


28. The Tottering Star in The Scribe
29. The Ocean Star in The Dolphin
30. The Rain, Wind, and Thunder Star Group in The Dolphin
31. The Blue Star in The Roodyt Fruit
32. The Poison Star in The Wasp
33. The Plow Star in The Farmer
34. The Ripped Group in The Eshehro
35. The Hand Doublet in The Harp
36. The Scar Star in The Beetle
37. The Reed Doublet in The Messenger
38. The Swallowed Star in The Maux
39. The Ink Star in The Stylus
40. The Five Crescent Stars in The Cicada


Bright Star photo credit: jpstanley via photopin cc

Twelve Brightest Stars

1. The Shattered Star in The Hammer (zodiac)
2. The Blood Star in The Obross (southern polar)
3. The Jeweled Star in the Dragonfly (southern)
4. The Water Star in The Vessel (southern polar)
5. The Ocean Star in The Dolphin (northern polar)
6. The Winking Star in The Zoozaun (zodiac)
7. The Tottering Star in The Scribe (northern polar)
8. The Poison Star in The Wasp (northern polar)
9. The Fish Star in The Fisherman (zodiac)
10. The Lapis Star in The Ring (zodiac)
11. The Ink Star in The Stylus (northern)
12. The Claw Star in The Gibbost (southern)

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