Top 10 Andy Griffith Episodes

A fantasy author discussing The Andy Griffith Show seems a bit odd, but this TV series is an out-genre masterpiece of characterizations, which a fantasy or science fiction author would do well to learn from.  You’ll notice that my top ten are from the black and white episodes.  Once The Andy Griffith Show went to color, it wasn’t as funny.  Wade’s theory is Andy’s chronically depressed in the color episodes.  Andy’s certainly chronically cranky.  So we’ll stick with the black and white seasons.  Also, listen to the announcer at the beginning of each show; he seems surprised that The Andy Griffith Show stars Andy Griffith.

Andy Griffith

Andy and Floyd photo credit: erjkprunczýk via photopin cc

1.  Bookie Barber

Here’s a great one showcasing many of the characters:  Floyd, Barney, Aunt Bee, Opie, and even Andy.  As Barney says, “It’s a compellsion.”

2.  Barney Mends a Broken Heart

The episode that introduces the Fun Girls and Lydia Crosswaith.  How great is that?  Andy makes up with Peggy pretty quick.

3.  Black Day for Mayberry

A shipment of gold comes through Mayberry, or does it?  It’s suppose to be secret, but even Laura Lee Hobbs finds out.

4.  The Pickle Story

Andy and Barney are in a pickle when Andy spares Aunt Bee the truth that her pickles taste like kerosene.

5.  Aunt Bee, the Warden

Aunt Bee gives Otis incentive to dry up.  It doesn’t last.  “Hop to it!”

Andy Griffith

Andy’s Desk photo credit: jimmywayne via photopin cc

6.  My Fair Earnest T. Bass

Andy and Barney attempt to civilize Earnest T., who meets Rowena in the process.  “No coffee, tea, or punch, thank you.”

7.  Barney Buys a Car

Ellen Corby, also known for playing grandma on The Waltons, sells Barney a car that can’t even keep its steering wheel on properly.

8.  Goober Takes a Car Apart

As Floyd says, “O you’ll want to see that, Andy!  Beautiful, just beautiful.”

9.  A Feud Is a Feud

Andy plays a wiser mediator than Friar Lawrence in this send up of Romeo and Juliet.

10.  Those Gossipin’ Men

Aunt Bee and Emma Watson have the last laugh on the men in this gossiping rivalry.

Check out these ten episodes and have some summer fun.  I like to watch Andy Griffith on sunny days with a piece of pie.  Aunt Bee would approve.

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  1. Debbie Miles June 29, 2014 #

    Great pics – hard to decide on a favorite episode – all are great – LOVE LOVE The Pickle Story

    Come see us in Mount Airy NC – Andy’s Hometown – a fan came from Ireland yesterday to see us on Main Street.

    Keep a good thought,

    • Austin January 16, 2017 #

      I have been to mount airy. An ice town

  2. Rick July 13, 2016 #

    Uncle Ollie…was hysterical! So many great ones!

  3. Nadya Wall-Rossi November 20, 2016 #

    Loved the black & white episodes, but not so crazy about “the loaded goat,” the episode featuring creepy Sterling Holloway nor “Opie finds a baby” (later colour episode.) Loved Ellie, disliked Helen. What say you?

    • Austin January 16, 2017 #

      I like the first five seasons, especially seasons 3 and 4. Not big on the last three seasons. Gomer was my favorite.

  4. winstrom November 21, 2018 #

    For a sherrif who’s suppose to set an example, drives like a maniac. In “The Clubmen” has an appointment in Raleigh at 8 pm for a dinner invitation. Leaves Mayberry when it’s dark already. Mayberry is close to Mt Airy. Conservative estimate about supersonic speed.

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